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Since his younger days, Mr. Taryam was passionate and deeply interested in real estate, industry and construction. After accomplishing MBA, he joined his family business in the year 2000 and started assisting his father.  

Shifting from there, he then started working in their Water Heater Production factory in Sharjah as an HR & Administration Manager

for a duration of 2 years.

It was back in 2004, that his family established a construction company under the name 'Dar Al Omran Real Estate' in Sharjah and Dubai, where Mr. Taryam started working as a General Manager. During this time, he got a brilliant opportunity to inculcate the prevalent trends and knowledge regarding the construction field.

Having spent around 12 years in the construction business, Mr. Taryam formed his own company in the name of 'Al Watanyah Real Estate'. It was established in 2016 in the city of Sharjah.

Owing to the remarkable success of Al Watanyah, by the first quarter of 2018, the office shifted to Al Marzouki Towers, King Faisal Road, Sharjah with a new mission and a new vision.

Presently, the company is efficiently managing more than 2,000 units and hopefully, during the year 2019-20, this number will grow to over 3,000 units.



We possess a  vast 20-year experience in the property and real estate industry.

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Time is precious and we value time. We strive to grow and prosper with each passing day. 



Guaranteed customer satisfaction with commitment to deliver to the best of our ability.

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It is all about the dedication and hard work to pursue your dream career. Mr. Taryam had a strong determination to venture into real estate, for which he shaped his career in the same direction.


"To become a recognized real estate company, providing business management services in Sharjah to support local businesses as well as communities."

Al Watanyah relentlessly seeks to enhance its services, adopt latest innovative methods and real estate standards on a global level. It aims to familiarize itself with the local, regional and international practices, and cooperate with its strategic partners to nourish the skills and expertise of its cadres. 


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